How to invoke REVIGO from other Web server with input fields filled in advance

Your web page needs to make a HTTP POST request to REVIGO's main input page at and provide as HTTP POST parameters the values that REVIGO's input fields should contain. (full list of options at bottom of page).

An example is given which covers the three most common options of REVIGO, although all other options can be set in the same manner. See the HTML source code of this page to see how this works.

The text you enter here will be automagically transferred into REVIGO's input box. The user will just need to click "Start Revigo"!

The option you select with the radio button will also be automatically transferred to REVIGO:

some other quantity

This also works with drop-down lists:

For questions and bug reports, please email Fran Supek (fran.supek\A\T\

Full list of REVIGO's options and possible values: